Scanning Services

Transfer to digital from:
Film photographic prints
Professional scanning of your old or newer photographs using an Epson V750 Pro scanner; known as the best in its class.
35mm mounted slides or negatives
Professional scanning using a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000ED scanner; the latest generation of dedicated 35mm scanners.
Degrees, diplomas, certificates and documents
Proudly display your achievements, while keeping the originals to be archived for safety and security.
These scanned images can then be restored, repaired, corrected and refined to your individual requirements (note: out of focus cannot be corrected).
Note: All of your scanning is completed in Canada and at no time will your property go to Mexico, Indonesia, China or any other country for this work.
Take some time to decide what your requirements are for the end results of the scan.
Whether you will be printing in particular sizes, using the digitized images for a website or presentation, or just viewing them on your computer. The results you desire will affect the pricing; we will work with you.
You can request that we high level scan, clean up dust / scratches, adjust for effects of aging, correct, crop and edit if you wish. You could also have straight digitization without any corrections, adjustments or cropping, allowing you to tweak your pictures with your own image editor.

Imaging Services

Now that you have the digital images, feel free to take advantage of the other imaging services we provide.
Contact us (preferably by email) to discuss these options further.

Digital image editing

This requires a digital image. Most images can be corrected, resulted in a better quality than the original. This includes colour correction and enhancement, spot and scratch/crack repairing, and removal or placement of items within the photograph. Create custom montages and collages from a collection of photographs. Image editing rate is $28.00 per hour.

Photograph printing from digital

Your photographs can be digitized and printed on archival paper using pigments (not inks) to ensure that they last for future generations to cherish.

Coffee Table Photograph Collection Books

Have a photograph book (hardcover or softbound) published to have as a keepsake. We can produce a book layout of your photographs (after digitizing) and publish a single book or multiple copies (additional books can be requested at a later date as required). Tighten family ties by creating digital genealogy picture albums or books.
We are responsible for:
Digital scanning of photographs (prints, slides or negatives).
Basic correction, including: dust/spot removal, colour cast, exposure correction (within reason), contrast correction.
Selection of page layout, colours & borders to be approved by you prior to production.
You are responsible for:
The supply of 150 photographs (prints, slides or 35mm negatives).
The order in which you would like them placed.
The choice of photograph(s) for the dust cover (hardcover book).